"An artisanal medicine. Hands, eyes and ears facing the patient "

A unique way to take care of people!

Colono is your Digestive System Day Hospital, but it goes far beyond that. It is the realization of a vision that favors a humanized, personalized and artisanal approach. A medicine made with the hands, with time to listen to people and with the support of the best technology.

Yes, there is a Colono way of practicing medicine. Because every detail of its premises and the team reflects a culture focused on valuing the patient as a human being. We believe in identifying the individual needs of each one and adapting to the uniqueness of all of them.

You may feel it in our architecture, that brings comfort and functionality in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. We do welcome people as guests in our home! In our team, all are true hosts, whose contagious empathy transforms the day of those who pass by!