"We can plan in advance the individualized and intimate care for each patient. After all, our team only performs one procedure at a time!"


Ambulatory Surgery is a way of organizing care for patients who need a surgical procedure, but who can benefit from assisted recovery at home. For Colono, it is a strategy so that the patient who needs to be operated can feel welcomed, calm and safe.

But don’t confuse this with minor procedures or surgeries in an office setting. What characterizes this model is the bond between the patient and our highly trained multidisciplinary team, even before surgery.

A team consisting of surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurse and nutritionist. The same team that will be responsible for clinical and surgical care throughout the entire care cycle.

In this phase, there is a careful evaluation of the clinical case and the individual health conditions of the patient. But we also assess the care network that surrounds the patient at home. In other words: our team certifies, even before the procedure, about the ideal conditions for the postoperative period at home. And it prepares the patient and their caregiver for the procedure and care after they arrive home.

Thus, on the day of the intervention, the patient already knows the entire team waiting for him in our operating room. And our team already knows the details of each case in depth. In this way, we can plan in advance the individualized and intimate care for each patient. After all, our team only performs one procedure at a time!

Most of our patients remain in the operating room and in post-anesthetic recovery for a period of generally less than six hours. After initial recovery, a tasty meal is offered, according to a previous nutritional assessment. Thus, we can make sure that the patient is fully able to eat and hydrate at home right after discharge!

Many procedures of varying degrees of complexity can be performed in an Ambulatory Surgery regimen, provided that the patient has been properly evaluated beforehand and has an adequate risk profile for the procedure. After all, we have an advanced operating room structure, equipped at the same level as some of the best hospitals in the country and in the world.

It is also necessary for the patient to have an adult caregiver for the first 24 hours after the procedure. This caregiver connects to our team, which will continue to follow up this patient according to an internationally validated protocol.

In Colono’s Ambulatory Surgery Program, we have performed several types of procedures for the treatment of diseases of the digestive system. With an emphasis on coloproctology and surgery of the digestive system, always favoring minimally invasive techniques. Thus, we achieve a faster recovery, with high security standards. But most importantly: in the comfort of your own home!

Currently, most surgical procedures are performed this way in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Portugal and Norway. An innovative model that has gained momentum over the last 30 years in the most important medical centers in the world. A contemporary deinstitutionalization strategy.

As of 2018, Dr. Fábio Soares led an innovative project to establish an Ambulatory Surgery Unit in Brasília in line with the most advanced Units of its type in Europe. And for this purpose, he visited important institutions of the genre and connected with some of the greatest international exponents in this form of care.

And it is worth noting: Colono is a member of the Brazilian Society for Ambulatory Surgery (SOBRACAM) and follows the recommendations and protocols of the International Association for Ambulatory Surgery (IAAS), the international entity that brings together the main national ambulatory surgery societies in the world.

In recent years, Dr. Fábio has been exhaustively dedicated to the expansion of Ambulatory Surgery in Brazil and Latin America, being currently President of SOBRACAM and member of the General Assembly of IAAS.

At Colono, we believe in a revolution: the artisanal combination of care excellence, true human contact, state-of-the-art equipment, minimally invasive techniques and culture of Ambulatory Surgery!