"Take care of people, with respect for each one's autonomy. A medicine that sees a human being in each patient."

Everything in Colono tells a story, specially Dr. Fábio!

It is the result of many years of planning and effort by Dr. Fábio Soares in partnership with his cousin, Rodrigo Dantas. Together, they wrote this passionate project about health care. After all, the materialization of such a daring dream for medicine at an artisanal pace also depends on innovative, attentive and dynamic management.

Dr. Fábio usually says that he has studied medicine for 25 years and never intends to stop. Passion for study is reflected in dedication to research and scientific production. Mixing the academic background and practice with care vocation over all these years, it has become notable for its pioneering spirit in the adoption of various techniques and technologies. Always looking to adapt the practice of medicine to the needs of each patient.

We believe in medicine made with hands, eyes and ears. Which goes in the opposite direction of the trend of industrialization of medicine, requiring the doctor and his team to be prepared for new challenges on a daily basis.

Colono way is a mirror of Dr. Fábio commitment, whose history as a professional has always remained faithful to the belief that medicine can evolve in technology but always grounded in its millenary values. Take care of people, with respect for each one’s autonomy. A medicine that sees a human being in each patient.

Colono carries in its DNA the permanent search for state-of-art technological resources. It’s infrastructure and equipment are world class. It is also noteworthy the qualification of the entire medical and auxiliary team, as well as the consolidation of care processes and protocols. Colono is a Digestive System Day Hospital focused on the human side of medicine!


Dr. Fábio is Heloísa’s father and Valquíria’s husband. Son of Bosco and Helga, brother of João and Ana. From Minas Gerais background, he was born and grew up in Brasilia. And also made himself a bit Ceará native.

He is passionate about medicine and surgery, but also about music, vinyl records, books, coffee beans, cooking, travel, architecture and the wide spaces of Brasilia.

In addition to these passions, he nurtures a special one: to communicate, whether in Portuguese or in other languages. Dr. Fábio also speaks to his patients in Spanish, English and French.

As a doctor, he believes in the exercise of medicine supported on four pillars: continuous learning, teaching, constant technical innovation and the deepening of human relationships.

His medical career began in mid 1990s. But he feels that he still has many decades ahead…

1996 - 2002

Medical Degree (MD), University of Brasília Medical School (FM/ UnB).

1997 - 1998

Scientific Initiation Scholarship (PIBIC/ CNPq ), Neurophysiology Laboratory (IB/ UnB).

1999 - 2000

Scientific Initiation Scholarship (PIBIC/ CNPq), Department of Surgery (FM/ UnB).

2003 - 2005

Medical Residency in General Surgery.

Asa Norte Regional Hospital - HRAN / SES-DF.

2005 - 2007

Medical Residency in Coloproctology.

University Hospital of the Federal University of Ceará.

2006 - 2007

Master Degree (MSc) in Surgery.

Area of Concentration: Anorectal Physiology.

Advisor: Prof. Francisco Sergio Pinheiro Regadas (MD, MSc, PhD).

Federal University of Ceará Medical School (FM/ UFC).


Coloproctologist at private practice and at the Armed Forces Hospital/ HFA, Brasília.

Starts performing 360° anorectal ultrasound.

Pioneer in laparocopic colorectal surgery and minimally invasive surgeries for the treatment of hemorrhoidal prolapse (PPH) and rectocele (TRREMS procedure).

Title of Specialist in Coloproctology - Brazilian Society of Coloproctology.


Head of the HFA Coloproctology Service (2009-2016).


Establishes the Medical Residency in Coloproctology (HFA), of which he was Supervisor between 2010 and 2016.

Organizes the first Transanal Endoscopic Operation (TEO) Training Workshop at the HFA.


Coloproctologist at the Coloproctology Unit of the HBDF / SES-DF.

Establishes the Anorectal Physiology Outpatient Clinic at HBDF.

Get involved in medical residency training in anorectal electromanometry, cinedefecography and minimally invasive procedures for advanced pelvic prolapses.

Training of several teams in minimally invasive surgery in several Brazilian states such as RJ, MG, BA, RS and DF.


Gets his Specialist Acknowledgement in Gastroenterology from the Brazilian Federation of Gastroenterology.


Supervisor of the Medical Residency Program in Coloproctology at HBDF (to date).

Performs the first case of transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization (THD) in Distrito Federal.


Fellowship at the Colorectal Surgery Service of Centro Hospitalar Tâmega e Sousa, Portugal (Oporto University). Training in advanced colorectal surgery, including minimally invasive transanal approaches (TAMIS) and advanced pelvic floor surgery.

Advisor: Dr. Joaquim Costa-Pereira.

Performs the first cases of transanal endoscopic microsurgery for rectal lesions (TAMIS) and the first cases of Total Mesorectal Excision for the treatment of neoplasms of the rectum, by transanal endoscopic approach (TaTME), at the HFA, at the HBDF and at the private practice. He was one of the pioneers in these techniques in Brazil.


Colono - Digestive System Clinic starts its activities.


Fellowship at the Department of Gastroenterology, Royal Hallamshire Hospital (NHS), Sheffield, England. Capsule Endoscopy and Double Balloon Enteroscopy Training

Advisor: Prof. Mark McAllindon, PhD. University of Sheffield, Sheffield. UK.

Starts capsule endoscopy, at Colono.


Beginning of the Bloco Cirúrgico Project, with studies for the implementation of a Freestanding Ambulatory Surgery Unit at Colono.

Training in hydrogen breath tests for functional investigation of the small bowel.


First participation of a Brazilian in the Congress of the International Association for Ambulatory Surgery (IAAS) in Oporto, Portugal.

Visiting observer of Ambulatory Surgery Units in Europe and assimilation of the concepts of Ambulatory Surgery as an approach to out-of-hospital surgical care.


Together with other colleagues from all over the country, he founded the Brazilian Society for Ambulatory Surgery (SOBRACAM).

Elected Vice-President of SOBRACAM.


Beginning of the activities of the Bloco Cirúrgico - Ambulatory Surgery.

Elevation of Colono to a Day-Hospital Unit. Beginning of activities at Colono – Digestive System Day-Hospital.

Starts Colono’s Ambulatory Surgery Program for various surgical procedures, with a multidisciplinary approach and according to IAAS protocols.

Starts Colono’s Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Program, which allows longer and more advanced procedures that requires a hospital-standard operating room facilities along with advanced endoscopy equipment.

Organizer and President of the Scientific Committee of the First Iberoamerican Congress of Ambulatory Surgery, a joint organization of SOBRACAM, APCA, ASECMA and IAAS, with speakers from fifteen countries, from five continents.


Become a member of the General Assembly of the International Association for Ambulatory Surgery (IAAS).

Becomes the first Latin American to be invited as speaker at the Congress of the International Association for Ambulatory Surgery (IAAS), Bruges, Belgium.

Elected President of SOBRACAM (2022-2024).

Throughout these years of professional trajectory, he visited several services and hospitals throughout the country and abroad.

A regular speaker at symposia, courses and medical congresses in Brazil and abroad, he was responsible for training several coloproctology teams across the country in modern minimally invasive surgery techniques in the specialty.

He has published more than a hundred scientific communications, including scientific articles, communications in congresses and book chapters.