"We provide High Performance Colonoscopies, a concept that refers to the way of performing colonoscopy, seeking to ensure the greatest possible diagnostic accuracy."


At Colono, we believe that details matter. We are obsessed with each of them! Colonoscopy is a complex exam that requires state-of-the-art equipment and structure, but above all experience and manual dexterity for its performance. In fact, the learning curve for a specialist physician to perform colonoscopies safely and reliably is estimated at 500 complete procedures.

Over 15 years as a coloproctologist, Dr. Fábio has performed more than 12,000 colonoscopies. But he concluded that while experience was essential, it still wasn’t enough.

It is necessary to ensure a series of additional care for High Performance Colonoscopies, a concept that refers to the way of performing colonoscopy, seeking to ensure the greatest possible diagnostic accuracy.

But after all, what makes our High Performance Colonoscopies special?

First care is the quality of bowel preparation. It must be excellent. That is, it is necessary to seek an adequate cleansing, which allows the complete visualization of the colorectal and terminal small bowel surface. After all, it is in this layer that intestinal polyps originate, which are quite frequent nodules that must be identified and removed. After all,  intestinal polyps are often considered precursor lesions of bowel and rectal cancer.

Preventing this type of cancer, the second most common in our country (and many western countries) among adult men and women, is the main objective of the exam.

There are many ways to perform a bowel preparation and many factors influence the choice of the best one for each patient: age, changes in the intestinal habit, medications in use, health issues, mobility difficulties or even the time of the exam.

For this reason, at Colono, the preparation prescription is made individually and always by the doctor who will perform the exam. Thus, doctor and patient already know each other before, which makes a big difference! We know that preparation requires special care and that doubts may arise during the process. Don’t worry: at Colono, patients who are going to have a colonoscopy has direct access to their doctors.

In addition, to ensure a High Performance Colonoscopy, adequate time for each examination must be guaranteed. That’s why at Colono we limit the number of exams performed per period. In this way, our team can work calmly and have adequate time to fully visualize the intestine of each patient. We do everything individually, with time. During your exam, our team’s full attention will be on you alone. After all, we know that each patient is unique!

The image resolution of the equipment, as well as the quality of the video monitors, are also essential for a High Performance Colonoscopy.

After all, just like in a film production, the quality of the camera and the resolution of the screen are fundamental so that we can visualize all the details of a scene.

Resolution of the endoscope and the quality of its optics, the quality and power of the light source, and the size and quality of the video monitor are essential for detecting subtle changes. At Colono, we have state-of-the-art equipment, which is frequently updated.

However, a High Performance Colonoscopy requires an optimal level of sedation, which must also be suited to the individual needs of each patient. For that, our teams rely on anesthetists who take care of the patient’s safety and comfort throughout the procedure and recovery. Even in cases where it is necessary to perform the examination in the Operating Room and even under general anesthesia, as in advanced therapeutic procedures.

In addition, our patients are assured of an automated endoscope reprocessing framework, which ensures high-level biosecurity and decontamination of all our endoscopes.

Finally, at Colono we maintain strict records, processes and protocols, which are periodically audited, considering all the quality parameters involved. After all, we have colonoscopy in our DNA. Each exam is as unique to us as it is to the patient!