Minimally Invasive Surgery for Hemorrhoids – Stapled Anopexy



Stapled Anopexy – or fixation of the anus with the use of a stapler – was described by Mario Pescatori in 1997, from the observation that in the low stapled anastomosis in surgeries where the rectum was almost completely removed there was an expressive correction of the hemorrhoidal prolapse.

Shortly after, Antonio Longo developed the stapler for stapled anopexy and systematized PPH, acronym for “Procedure for Prolapsed Hemorrhoids.”

This procedure had, as great advantage, the correction of externalized hemorrhoids with or without bleeding, without external wounds. As a result, patients had a faster recovery, early return to daily activities and less pain after surgery.

More recently, the procedure was slightly modified with the use of the EEA HEM stapler, a stapler developed by Prof. Sérgio Regadas, manufactured and marketed worldwide. Among its advantages is the possibility to “calibrate” the amount of tissue to be removed and to determine how high onde can fix the anal canal since the stapler allows you to remove more than double the amount of tissue, compared to the original PPH stapler.

On the occasion of the launching of this stapler, I was invited to minister several trainings and surgeries live, all over the country. This video is from that time, and it describes the operation step by step.