Apex Technique – Surgery for Occult Rectal Prolapse



Occult rectal prolapse or intussusception is a frequently observed situation, particularly in women. Although quite common, in some cases it can obstruct the evacuation, leading to difficulties in the act of defecating and the sensation of incomplete evacuation.

When surgically managed, it was traditionally operated by the Delorme technique. Recently, with the advent of staplers, Prof. Antônio Longo proposed the STARR technique, where two circular PPH staplers were used to correct intussusception. The surgical results, when indicated, are quite satisfactory.

More recently, and in our midst, Prof. Sérgio Regadas, who developed the EEA HEM 33 stapler – marketed and used worldwide – proposed the Apex Technique. It is a simple and reproducible, minimally invasive technique that allows the correction of intussusception at lower costs (compared to STARR technique) and promising results.