Asa Sul Unit

COLONO Asa Sul is located in the southern hospital area in Brasília, in the most modern clinic building of this region, the Advance Second Building, the newest member of the Advance Complex. Our building is equipped with the most modern medical infrastructure, with lifts for stretcher, panoramic elevator and facilities completely adapted for handicapped patients.

In it, we are strategically located at the main entrance level of the building, accessible by a porte-couchère, and with direct access to ambulances and vehicles.

We have a comfortable air-conditioned reception, where you and your family will be welcomed with the sympathy of our specially trained attendants.

The architectural design, sophisticated and functional, was conceived as an environment that welcomes our patients as if they were at home, with elements that go back to the exuberant beauty of Brasilia, the capital of which we are proud. In addition, it has all the functionalities of the most important medical centers in the world.

Our offices have been rationally designed to serve you with quality and privacy and we pay special attention to our digestive endoscopy center. There, washable walls, cabinets and worktops in industrial stainless steel, circulation space for stretchers and accessibility were carefully planned. State-of-the-art equipment for monitoring, medical gases and attendance to eventual intercurrences are in place.

We also have state-of-the-art automatic endoscope reprocessing equipment, which puts COLONO at the forefront of endoscopy services in the city, according to what is offered in the world’s leading centers and the best clinics in the country.

We use the ENDOLAV equipment, which does – automatically – all steps related to the washing and reprocessing of the endoscopes: leak testing, high flow washing of the internal channels, drying, immersion in peracetic acid (the safest, most effective and ecological sanitizing substance available on the market), rinse and final drying.

And, all important: all these processes are documented and printed on individual tapes, recorded in order to enable the auditing and tracking of the reprocessing of equipment for each patient.

In other words, at COLONO, we cherish your safety. Come and be surprised by our team!