1. The online scheduling tool makes it possible to schedule appointments and various exams directly on the doctor’s agenda. It is intended for the scheduling of consultations payed by the patient himself or by the insurance plans COLONO attends (the updated lists of insurance plans can be consulted at No telephone confirmation is required at the time of booking.
It is recommended that you print or keep the confirmation of your online schedule with you, and present it on the day of your consult or procedure.

2. On the day prior to the consult or procedure, in order to avoid absences, you will be required to confirm your consult, by phone, e-mail or SMS. In cases where the patient can not be directly contacted by telephone, an e-mail and/or SMS (or message by WhatsApp) will be sent, requesting confirmation within thirty minutes. If there is no confirmation, the consult will be cancelled and may be offered for patients on the waiting list. Patients who call our call center (61-3345-0301), send an email to [email protected] or send an SMS or a message from WhatsApp (to phone 61-99963-8181), 24 hours before their scheduled consultation, will have their place assured – except for unintended reasons.

3. The online scheduling tool is available for the scheduling of consults and exams that do not require individualized preparation and/or sedation, such as video colonoscopy. In these cases, even if the patient has a valid exam request, for his own safety, he must go for prior consultation before doing the exam. Therefore, when selecting the option “colonoscopy scheduling”, the patient understands to be scheduling a medical consultation, in order to evaluate their clinical conditions and the indication of the exam itself. In the vast majority of cases, in this consult, video colonoscopy will be scheduled and an individualized preparation will be prescribed to the patient, considering their clinical conditions, age, medication use, etc. Additional evaluations may be required in this consult which could make it impossible to schedule the exam immediately after. Written and detailed instructions will be provided by a physician at the consult.
Video colonoscopies are not scheduled directly by the online scheduling tool nor by the secretaries through call center, in any case.

4. Exams that do not require sedation or anesthetic support, such as flexible rectosigmoidoscopy, anorectal manometry and ultrasonography of the rectum or anal canal can be scheduled by the online scheduling tool. In this case, one must pay attention to the preparation for the exam, which consists on the application of two flasks of Fleet Enema or Phospho Enema, which should be carried out, respectively, two hours and a half and two hours before the exam. These medicines can be purchased at regular pharmacies and dispensed without the need of a medical prescription. It is not necessary to fast for the exams for which you can schedule online.

5. Any difficulties in scheduling a consultation or procedure through this channel may be resolved Monday through Friday from 08:00 to 18:00 by WhatsApp (at 61-99963-8181) or by phone (at 61-3345-0301).

6. COLONO is not responsible for any inconvenience arising from consultations that end up having to be reassigned due to the doctor’s inability to come to the consult at the scheduled time. It is the responsibility of the patient to be within reach by telephone or other electronic means (SMS, e-mail or WhatsApp), and COLONO is obliged to inform the patient about any schedule changes, as far as possible.

7. The use of the online scheduling tool assumes the tacit consent and agreement with the above terms of use.

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