Rodrigo Dantas

Rodrigo DantasAdministrative Director

Born in Brasilia in 1982, Rodrigo Dantas is a Civil Engineer graduated from the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) in 2009.

He worked as an engineer responsible for major urban infrastructure works in the countryside of Bahia state and, later, on large commercial and residential building construction in the Federal District.

He was responsible for managing projects and large teams in construction sites as diverse as apartment buildings, large housing complexes and car dealerships.

From continuous contact with customers, workers and suppliers, as well as inventory and time management, he discovered a rare talent: management. Having been forced to deal with the so famous and flexible “Brazilian way” in the construction sites, on the one hand, and with the absolute rigidity of great engineering projects, he discovered in the management of deadlines and human resources a true calling: the excellence in customer service.

Equipped with a rare sense of humor and a great ability to solve problems, Rodrigo Dantas is always close by, focused on customer service.

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