Dr. Talles Borges Pereira

Dr. Talles Borges PereiraBorn in Itumbiara/GO, he graduated in Medicine from the School of Health Sciences of the Federal District (ESCS) in 2012. During graduation, he participated in activities of the Scientific Initiation Program of the institution and worked in the Cancer League. In addition, he was a monitor in the field of Medical Semiology (studies and clinical examination practices).

After graduation, he graduated in Medical Clinic Residency in 2015 by the Regional Hospital of Asa Norte (HRAN) in Brasília – DF.

Due to the affinity with the area, he decided to deepen his studies in diseases of the digestive system and endoscopic procedures. In 2016, he was approved in the Medical Residency Program of Gastroenterology of the Hospital of the Armed Forces (HFA), Hospital de Base do Distrito Federal (HBDF) and at the Brasília University Hospital (HUB / UnB). He chose to join the HUB / UnB Gastroenterology Residency Program, due to its academic and scientific excellence, with broad national aknowledgement, concluding its program in 2018.

He was trained in high and low digestive endoscopy (both diagnostic and therapeutic), and received Advanced Endoscopy Life Support certification by the Brazilian Society of Digestive Endoscopy (SOBED).

He also underwent digestive motility training with emphasis on conventional aesophageal manometry and prolonged pHmetry aesophageal studies in São Paulo (2018).

He is registered as a specialist in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology at the Regional Medical Council of the Federal District (CRM-DF).

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