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Equipe Clínica Colono Brasília

Meet the professionals that work with us:

Pioneering and innovation!

COLONO, your Colorectal and Gastroenterology Clinic, believes in the constant updating and innovation of techniques and processes, to better serve our patients.

As in all areas of medicine, the rapid increase in technical-scientific knowledge has revolutionized the treatment of diseases of the digestive system. This is especially true in colorectal surgery. Here at COLONO, innovation receives special attention.

Our team, formed by professionals who love what they do, mix experience and youth in the constant quest for the new, while maintaining absolute respect for the already well established concepts of the specialties dedicated to the digestive system.

In the last decade, our team has been at the forefront of the specialty in Brasilia and has been a pioneer in the introduction of several technologies that have aligned the quality of Brasilia’s and Brazil’s colorectal surgery with the most respected centers in the world.

Video laparoscopic surgery of the colon and rectum, transanal endoscopic microsurgery and transanal total mesorectal excision (TAMIS and TaTME), minimally invasive procedures in the treatment of pelvic floor diseases (POPS, LAPSTAR, TRREMS, STARR, Apex Technique and Ventral Rectopexy), hemorrhoidal and anal fissure (THD, PPH and Anopexy with EEA Hem, Botox), minimally invasive treatment of anal fistula and pilonidal sinuses with muscle preservation (LIFT, VAAFT and EPSiT), as well as advanced studies of anorectal physiology (such as anorectal electromanometry, the study of colonic transit time and anorectal ultrasonography), are some of the examples of modalities of diagnosis and treatment that were introduced or quickly assimilated in our region by our team members.

These advances enable more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatments, with less pain and a faster recovery.

We believe that in these times, when data travels at the speed of a click, within the reach of computers, tablets and smartphones, we must bring to our patients reliable and qualified information that allows them to know the diverse options of diagnosis and treatment in our specialties.

We know that, by doing this, we turn patients into active subjects in making decisions about the various aspects related to their own health. Fortunately, we’re done with those times when we would go to an appointment and wait for the doctor’s decisions, as if they were giving us a sentence.

We are aware that, today, our patients come to us with doubts, but also with a lot of information about their symptoms and diseases. And we want – through our website – to foster their research for good information, as an ally of the doctor-patient relationship.

We will seek to address the new diagnostic and treatment options available at our clinic on our website. And we will try to address the most frequent questions, or even bring the latest news we get from our contact with many renowned professionals in the world, through posts written by our specialists in our social networks and website.

Dear friend: this website is a tool that does not aim to replace a good medical consultation. Nor do we have the pretension to produce and make available in this space texts with the rigour of scientific papers. These are texts written by doctors of our team, based on their personal knowledge on each subject. Our goal is to maintain a clear and direct communication with our patients.

To the best of our abilities, we will try to write in a plain and accessible language, without dealing with themes in a superficial or non-comprehensive way. The elaboration of each text will reflect our current technical knowledge, but always also count with contributions from the personal experience of one or more members of our team. Unfortunately, we cannot translate to English all the texts published in Portuguese but we will do our best to do it with most of them.

In our video channel, we will include videos of our personal experience, whether through clinical cases or those attended at the private or public hospitals we serve. As they are, more often than not, videos of surgeries, they may contain sensitive images to those who are not used to it.

In general, they are edited videos for presentations in congresses, classes and symposia, or even for publication in scientific communication vehicles. The common factor: they have all been produced by one or more members of our team or under their direct supervision.

We are glad to have you with us and hope to see you soon at our clinic!

Be very welcome!

Dr. Fábio Alves Soares – CRM/DF 12643
Technical Director