Flexible Rectosigmoidoscopy

Flexible Rectosigmoidoscopy is the endoscopic examination of the sigmoid colon and rectum. It is performed by introducing a flexible equipment, equipped with a video camera at its end, which can be maneuvered and introduced under direct vision, usually down to the descending colon (ie, evaluates the final segments of the colon and rectum ).

Flexible Rectosigmoidoscopy

It is used in selected cases, particularly in young patients, with reports of intestinal bleeding (hematochezia, or blood in the stool), and of low risk for intestinal neoplasias. Your physician will be able to identify cases where Flexible Rectosigmoidoscopy should be performed, rather than a colonoscopy.

The exam is essentially identical to colonoscopy, but with a more limited scope. It has the advantage over Colonoscopy that it is faster (lasts a few minutes) and does not require sedation. Bowel preparation is also simpler and can be done at home a few hours before the exam. This way, the patient can maintain their normal activities until two or three hours prior to the exam and resume them soon after its execution.

At COLONO, we use equipment from Fujinon, the world’s leading manufacturer of endoscopic equipment; the same equipment we use to perform videocolonoscopy.

All flexible equipment is reprocessed and decontaminated at high level (through ENDOLAV, an automatic reprocessing equipment), and then connected to a digital video processor. This enables the generation of high quality images of the intestinal segments examined, and the fully digital processing of those images.